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Sprawling and beautifully landscaped grounds quietly

Sprawling and beautifully landscaped grounds quietly nestled in the Sal forests of the Doon valley in northern India, JSR INN awaits your arrival. Far from the hallmarks of progress and yet close enough for us to serenade you with all the convenience and luxury of modern comforts, JSR INN Resort and Spa greets its guests with the perfect ambience of habitats that are intrinsic to nature itself.

A luxury resort in India that charms its guests in more than one way, JSR INN is your ultimate holiday destination. JSR INN has often been described as one of the most exclusive luxury resorts in India not simply for its red carpet welcome but also for its untarnished natural setting. Go for short hikes, long walks and perhaps a jog during sunset and rejuvenate yourself in style. JSR INN is as close to nature as you can get.

The resort is fully gated and secure in every respect and so your stay is sure to include all the trimmings of an excursion to remember for a lifetime. Reserve an idyllic cottage that is designed in the style of a colonial countryside bungalow with sloping roofs and wide verandas. Indulge in the inherent serenity of the immediate environment while relaxing in a state of blissful comfort. The farmlands where we grow all our organic produce,

The plush plantation, the Flori-culture project and the exotic birds that inhabit the area permanently will keep you preoccupied for hours at length. Many luxury resorts in India deliver what they promise. JSR INN is one of them. So why not plan a short weekend getaway at JSR INN for a start by visiting our reservations page and making a reservation? The experience will surely inspire you to return.

  • Fully Air-conditioned indoor conference area with auditorium,theater and board room style seating for up to 20 attendees.
  • Immaculately landscaped lawns and swimming pool where we will arrange poolside mixers for your group complete with snacks and the bubbly.
  • Full range of AV equipment plus Internet connectivity.
  • Facilities for full-screen multimedia presentations.
  • Event planning for families such as hiking, picnics and sports if attendees choose to come with their families.
  • Bonfire and events for everyone during winters.
  • Special arrangements for outdoor event catering for our corporate guests Ample car parking.
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